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Lawyers for Consumer Protection

Disputes between customers and service providers over mobile money transactions frequently go unsolved. This might harm customers by preventing them from paying their bills and decreasing their faith in suppliers.

As a result, the lack of resolution may dissuade customers from opening potentially beneficial mobile money accounts. In Partnership with Innovations For Poverty Action (IPA), we are developing an intervention tool that will provide free legal advice to mobile money customers in order to help them resolve conflicts with service providers.

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Technology Law Moot Competitions

The Annual Uganda Tech Law Moot Court Competition is organized by the Center for Technology Disputes Resolution Uganda (CTDRU), other technology focused institutions and Cavendish University Law School. The Moot Court Competition is open to all students from across the Undergraduate Law courses in Ugandan Law Schools. It highlights the importance of technology inclusion and how the rights of persons involved in technology can be protected through litigation.

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Annual Essay Writing Competitions

The essay writing competition is intended to establish a foundation for education and literacy about new developments, particularly in the field of legal technology and make an attempt to bridge the knowledge gap.

In the last few years, several innovations, startups, laws that govern the technology industry—more especially fin-techs, which includes payment systems (National Payments (Consumer Protection) Regulations have been laid down Judgments have been laid down and these have come with their challenges. Despite the fact that law schools do not often have guest lectures from Tech fields, many many of these technologies and legal applications, avoid the students and go unknown yet they are the leading consumers in the country.

The Essay theme tries to cover all of the varied aspects of technology laws and their regulatory applications. Most issues related to technology law also affect customers, thus consumer protection and privacy concerns will likely come up and how to help bridge that gap matters.

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